Water Policy
At Alphington School we understand the need for children to drink water regularly throughout the day.  Drinking water is available in every classroom and water fountains are available throughout the day and at break times.

Emergency Contact Information
Please ensure that your contact details are correct, and that the school is told about any health matters, especially allergies, relating to your child.

Please do not bring dogs on to school premises (this includes the car park, turnaround, playgrounds and pedestrian area), do not tie them to school fences or allow them to obstruct the pavement where children walk.  No matter how gentle your animal is, children can be easily scared.  Please don’t allow your dog to foul pavements on the route to school.  Bag it and bin it!

Please ensure that all monies sent to school are in a secure envelope marked with your child’s name, amount and the purpose of the money.

Please do not smoke within the school grounds.

Alphington Primary School
Wheatsheaf Way

t: 01392 254291
e: admin@alphington.devon.sch.uk