Class teacher
If you have concerns about or for your child, the first port of call should be their class teacher.  The class teacher might suggest – or you might feel you would rather – talk in detail to someone else, but it’s important that they are ‘in the loop’.  If it’s hard for you to drop in at the start or end of the school day you can always ask them (via a phone call to the office if need be) to give you a ring and chat on the phone or make an appointment at a time to suit you both.

Pastoral Care Worker
Mrs Sue Quick works in school with children, parents, teachers and other professionals from ‘external agencies’ (see the list overleaf) as a Thrive practitioner.  She works with children individually, in small groups and in classes on developing social skills, anger management skills, learning skills, confidence, bereavement and a lot more besides. She is very approachable and has a good ‘listening ear’, for parents as well as children.  If you’re not sure whether there’s a problem or who you should talk to, Sue will be able to give you advice.

Intervention and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator 
Ms Elspeth Goodwin co-ordinates provision for children throughout the school with additional or different needs.  She works with teachers, teaching assistants, children and professionals from ‘external agencies’ to ensure the school is providing what is needed for each child to fulfil their potential.  She has a good overview of what is available.

Deputy Head, Key Stage 1 Leader/Key Stage 2 Leader/Head of Curriculum and Learning
Mrs Sara Thornhill and Miss Kirsty Nairn are our Deputy Heads.  Key Stage 1 and Pre-School Leader is Mrs Sara Thornhill, Key Stage 2 Leader is Miss Kirsty Nairn.  If you have talked to class teachers and feel you need to talk to someone else as well, or if there is an urgent problem, they will be happy to help.

Mrs Debbie Buckingham is a very ‘hands on’ head and is always happy to discuss concerns with you.  Of course it isn’t practical for her to deal with every concern in the school first hand, and it usually makes sense to go through the class teacher/pastoral care worker/key stage leader first.

Headteacher’s Afternoon Tea
Twice a term Mrs Buckingham meets informally with parents to discuss their views, ideas, concerns and celebrations.  See newsletter for dates.

Parent Governors
Parent Governors are your representatives on the Governing Body of the school.  They are often around school dropping off or collecting their children at the start and end of the day.  If you would like to contact them please ask at the office for contact detail

The Parent, Teacher, Friend Association meet regularly to organise fund raising events for the benefit of the school.  They are a very active, friendly and well organised group who welcome new members.  Fund raising is fun, and a great way to make friends and become involved in the life of the school.

External Agencies
The school works closely with many professionals who visit the school regularly to work with staff, children and parents and give advice, support and training.  To find out more about what they do and whether they may be of help for your child, do speak to Ms Goodwin (SENCo).
Education Welfare Officer
School Nurse
CAMHs (Child and Adolescent Mental Health)
Behaviour Support Teacher
Educational Psychologist
County Autism Team
Speech and Language Therapy Service
Support and Advisory Teacher Service
Communication and Interaction Team
Hearing Impairment Team
Visual Impairment Team 

Alphington Primary School
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