Year One Superheroes

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Year one had a great time learning What makes a Superhero Super throughout the first half term.

For our hook day, we all dressed up as Superheroes and came into school to find trapped vegetables around the classroom, chairs overturned and even writing on our tables! It was up to us to find out who had done this. We went through Superhero training – using our Super Speed, Super Skills and Super Strength. After looking at the clues we worked out that the Villain was Evil Pea!



We then created ‘WANTED’ posters to catch Evil Pea.


In our Science, we learned all about different materials to make a cape fit for Supertato.  We tested different materials to see if they were magnetic or not.

Supertato then sent us a design criteria for his new cape – he wanted something lightweight, waterproof, windproof and opaque. We tested different materials to find out which ones would be the most appropriate.


We also enjoyed writing our own Supertato adventures and turning these into comics!


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