Year 5: Be safe online

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Who is Luke? Perhaps not who you think he is!

Today in PSHE in Year 5 we learnt a valuable lesson about ‘Online Friends’.  After a class discussion on how fantastic the digital world is we were really excited to get to know Luke, a child who our teacher knew.  We all really enjoyed having a real time What’s App chat with him and learnt that he loved Fortnite and Flossing as well as how old he was and where he lived. He sent us a picture and we told him all about us. After a nice long chat our teacher told us that we had in fact been messaging a 50 year old female teacher who had volunteered to pretend to be Luke to help teach us that people online can very easily lie about who they are.

Pupil reactions:

“I felt stupid and couldn’t believe I had given them my full name.”

“It made me feel strange and uncomfortable.”

“I didn’t even think when I asked you to send a photo of me and now I feel really shocked I did it.”

“I felt silly that I hadn’t realised.”

After this we looked together at SMART rules for staying safe online (see poster attached) and created our own posters to help other children to keep safe. We also watched this ThinkUknow video together and discussed what we can all do to stay safe.


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