Year 4 Residential

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On our trip to Dartington, we took part in lots of different activities. We canoed on the river and made a raft of all the canoes. We played fruit salad where we had to swap places or stand up and do a dance. Some people fell in the water, some people’s canoes got stuck in the trees and some canoes went in the opposite direction to everybody else!

On land, we did rock climbing and archery. Archery was really fun even for those who hadn’t done it before. In rock climbing we also had to abseil back down. Two of our friends helped us by pulling the climbing rope as we climbed to the top.

On the zip wire, at first quite a few people were nervous. When they saw how much fun other people were having, most of us had a go and then couldn’t wait to go on it again. There was a lot children flossing in the air and a lot of screaming!

When we got back to school, everybody was tired and hungry. We had sausage or fishcake and chips and played on the field. After we chilled for a bit watching short movie clips, we had a campfire and Mrs Smith sang some songs with us. We toasted marshmallows and some took longer to cook than others!

To fall asleep, we watched a movie and tried to fall asleep – some of us tried harder than others!

In the morning, we had brioche and juice for breakfast and went home for a rest.


By Ben P, Erin, Freya G and Jack

….Photos to follow!

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