Year 2 Maths- Solving problems involving measure

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This week in our Year 2 Maths we are focusing on solving problems involving measure. This involves reading word problems, identifying key information and using this to complete and part-part-whole model and a bar model. We then use these key image to work out the calculation and write an equation to match. We then explore a range of strategies for solving, addition, subtraction and multi-step calculations including: partitioning to add the tens and the ones, using a blank number line to count on or count back and using physical manipulatives such as dienes or a bead string to calculate.

Before we start our problem solving lessons it would be great if you could practise a little bit of bar modelling and calculation at home. Below are some short videos to explain the process and there are also some questions to try. For each question please draw a bar model and write an equation before exploring different ways to calculate the answer! Please don’t hesititate to speak to class teachers if you would like any further support.

  1. The length of the pen is 16 cm. The length of the pen and pencil is 29 cm. How long is the pencil?
  2. Jenny’s ribbon is 64 cm long. She cut 12 cm off the ribbon. Then, she cut 25 cm off the ribbon. How long is the ribbon now?
  3. The length of the mini whiteboard is 26 cm. The length of the DVD box is 14 cm. What is the total length of the mini whiteboard and DVD box?
  4. Ben’s paper is 53 cm long. Abi’s paper is 12 cm shorter. How long is Abi’s paper?
  5. Jake’s pencil is 28cm. Ellie’s pencil is 14cm longer than Jake’s. How long is Ellie’s pencil?
  6. Jess’s book is 32cm tall, Ben’s book is 26cm tall. How much taller is Jess’s book?

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