We’re Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo….

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Last Monday, the Foundation children braved the icy cold weather to go on their first Educational visit to Paignton Zoo!










We started the day off by having one of the zoo keepers show us all the different animals that come from an egg. The children got to feel the different eggs and see their varying sizes.
















Then we all went off in different directions to see the animals in the zoo. Considering it was SOOO cold, we were surprised by how many animals were out and about. The children got to choose the animals they went to see and then we all got back together in the warm eating area for our Lunch.



















During the afternoon, the children spent their time completing some of our ‘Zoo Challenges’ and seeing some more impressive animals.













It was such a wonderful day where the children had some fabulous opportunities to find out about different animals. All the staff and parents were so proud of the children with their behaviour and attitude to learning.







Here’s to many more educational visits with these children!

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