Wedding Day Fever

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The children had such a marvellous day of fun and frolics on Friday. We were celebrating the Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan and so the children came to school dressed in colours red, white and blue.


We had a range of activities that the children could do throughout the day, ranging from guest list writing, cake decorating, scavenger hunts, carriage building and cake making.














However the one activity that ALL the Foundation children thought was just brilliant was the ‘walking down the isle’ game!!








They had to find someone they wanted to marry, propose, make a ring, make a wedding dress or suit and then take part in the ceremony. They thought this was brilliant and took the activities very seriously.












We had a few scary moments where we thought some of them would be stood up at the alter, however it all turned out alright and everyone lived happily ever after.










Even Mrs Thornhill (AKA Meghan Markle) had a dress made for her which she thought was just lovely, even though she couldn’t breathe!













The children were very much entertained by all the wonderful wedding fever.

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