Vikings WOW DAY

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Who were the Vikings and why did they come to Britain?

Today we were visited by a Jarl and started our new theme, learning about the Vikings.


We made our helmets and discussed about how although horns are often depicted on Viking helmets, there isn’t evidence of helmets actually having horns! Have a look at the links below to find out more information about the helmets.

We took part in a ‘Viking Thing’ where we assigned our family jobs and then had to vote as to how develop our community when hard times came… eventually we decided to flee Scandinavia and head towards Britain on our longboats.


Some of us got wet!





After our long and treacherous journey, we wanted to find our more about the Vikings and clues about our existence were hidden in the grounds. As well as finding out pieces of information, we looked for ‘Runes’ which were part of the Viking alphabet. We learnt why they all had staight edges rather than curves. Ask us! We also learnt about Odin and where Vikings believe the Runes came from.


Next, we tried to unscramble some Viking writing and as well as creating some of our own for each other to understand.

Finally, we learnt about Viking jewellery and made our own Viking style brooches. They were very well-crafted and had a lot of intricate detail.

Year 6 are looking forward to continuing their learning about Vikings in more detail focussing on the Gods, manufacture of boats, how Britain changed with the Vikings settling in England and much, much more.







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