Science day 2018!

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What a fun day we had in Year 2 celebrating Science Day! We began our exciting day by learning about a famous scientist called Carl Linnaeus. Carl was a botanist, zoologist and a physician. He is famous for naming and classifying plants and animals. For our main activity we decided to have a go and creating and naming some animals. We based these on a book called The Flanimals. Have a look at some of our designs. We went on to write a description of our new animals thinking about where they live, how they act and what they looked like. To finish we had great fun making our animals out of plasticine.

Later on we put on our scientist hats and explored the strength of paper by building tower out of triangular pieces of card. We found that paper can be very strong indeed. To finish our day we went outside and tried out some water tricks. They were very tricky and some people ended up getting a little wet so it’s a good job we decided to put our coats on first. Why not ask your child to demonstrate the spinning water trick?


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