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Wow, what a fantastic packed half term we have had! We have completely ourselves themselves in our rivers topic and have hugely enjoyed the various aspects we have explored. We have developed our knowledge of the journey of rivers, features of rivers, why people live near rivers and about famous rivers globally. We have explored rivers further through a range of curriculum subjects and represented the journey of a river through art, drama, dance, music and poetry. We used our knowledge of rivers and new writing skills we had learnt to write a persuasive writing text aiming to convince different audiences to choose living beside the Exe when considering moving to a new home.

We used cannon and unison in our dance.

We created movements in dance to represent different features of the 3 courses of a river.

We created sketch maps in geography.

We story step our key texts to help us learn them and embed them in our minds so we can ‘magpie’ parts of them for our own writing.

We worked in groups to create a soundscape of a part of the river, using notation to record our ideas.

We explored locations along the Exe using OS maps.

We learnt and practised a range of techniques to create artwork showing different landscapes that a river passes through, based on our key text, A River by Marc Martin.

After learning and practising new techniques, we assessed our art work and created top tips for each technique.

Late in the term, we enjoyed performing at the Christmas concert and did extremely well, particularly as the only year group who had not experienced it before.

Our teachers would like to say a huge thank you for your support this term.

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