Our trip to West Town Farm

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On Monday 26th March we visited West Town Farm. It was such a fun day and we learned so much! In the morning we explored the farm- we watched the cows, pigs and sheep, wandered in the apple orchards, walked through the fields and spotted many different types of crops and plants.


We thought very carefully about how the farm has changed over time. Many of us had visited the farm two years ago so we thought about places and things that have changed in that time but also we thought about how the landscape around the farm has changed over the past hundred years. We were fascinated to find out about the railway line that used to pass through Ide. We followed the old railway line and then crossed the bridge that used to be used by the cattle.


In the afternoon we explored the vegetable patch and harvested leeks and garlic which we put into a delicious soup. This showed us exactly where the ingredients had come from- fresh from the ground. We prepared the vegetables ourselves and were very careful about washing our hands and safety around the fire.


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