London’s Burning! London’s Burning!

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On Thursday, Year 1 had a fabulous day introducing them to their new theme of The Great Fire of London. The children arrived dressed as urchins and met the bakers of Pudding Lane. Over the day, we made bread, built timber framed houses , explored books and pictures about the fire and that period of history, as well as sequencing the events of the fire. We also watched some videos which taught us more about the fire. We had hoped to re-enact the fire by setting light to our houses, but the strong winds (just like when the real fire started) meant that we had to postpone this exciting event!
We can’t wait to play in our Pudding Lane role play area – we have practised putting things in the oven without burning our hands! We are also looking forward to a visit from the fire brigade so that we can learn about modern fire safety.
In our English, we will soon be learning about writing a diary and will read some extracts of Samuel Pepy’s diary. We will be using drama to bring the time period to life as well. It was a great day – the children looked fabulous and really enjoyed the activities.


Come and take a look at our timber framed houses.


We liked exploring how to make different salt dough loaves and pretending to bake them in our own Pudding Lane Bakery! We mixed up salt dough working together when our arms got tired!


Exploring pictures and books to generate questions about the Great Fire of London.


Working together to order pictures that tell the events of the fire.

It was fun to dress up like we were children from 1666!


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