Britain Since the 1930s

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Britain since the 1930s

Year 6 have had a great start to the term learning about Britain and how it has changed since the 1930s. We began the term with our WOW day where we made our own gas masks, hid in our shelters, made some really interesting tasting war recipes and tried creating a menu for a family of four with our rations. Some of us would have gone very hungry!


Each week we will focus on another decade and aspect of British history and how this has shaped Britain. We have started to look at Britain post WW2 and were surprised that rationing continued and people were encouraged to only have 7cm of water in their baths!

We’ve looked at the introduction of the Welfare state and the reforms brought in during the 1940s including the NHS, social security, council housing, free education and full employment to combat ‘5 evil giants’.


We are really looking forward to visiting the Haynes Museum on the 23rd January to have a look at transport changes over time and this will also help us with our newspaper learning outcome in English…

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