Year 3: The Scarab’s Secret Suspense Writing

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In Year 3, we have just completed our English sequence using the fantastic text ‘The Scarab’s Secret’ by Nick Would.

We immersed ourselves in the text using drama and role play. ‘Conscience Alley’ helped us to unpick how the character Khepri was feeling before he entered the Pharaoh’s tomb. We imagined what he would be experiencing and how best we could describe this for our reader.

We then unpicked how the author created suspense in the text. We tried some of the following literary techniques:

  • Short sentences for impact
  • Describing the senses (what he could see, hear, smell)
  • Asking questions to involve the reader
  • Ellipsis … to show that something more was going to happen

Once we had practised the skill of suspense writing, we then applied this to write an alternative outcome to The Scarab’s Secret. Some of us were challenged to apply our suspense writing skills at a Greater Depth by writing from the Pharaoh’s perspective.

Eventually, we shared our stories with our intended audience, Year 4! We shared our stories during World Book Day! The Year 4 children loved reading our stories and noticed that we had chosen vocabulary well to craft our narrative. They also commented on the way we had created suspense in our writing.

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