Year 1 will save the day!

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What superheroes  our children are! Despite their busy  Christmas holidays, they have returned to school with a zest for learning and a positive attitude which does them credit. We are so proud of their progress so far and are excited to see this continue this term. The new reading tracker sheets are motivating many of them to read more books and this has had a really positive impact on their learning. Thank you to parents for recording the books in the reading records as well. Do pop in and ask if you have a question about them.

Our new Superhero theme has been a huge success with the children (and the grown ups)! We have been making comics, playing in the superhero role play area and designing a city for a superhero to save. We have had a focus on grammar this week in English, and have learned about the Punctuation Heroes: Captain Capital, Space Girl, Dr Full Stop, Wow Woman and Question Master. The children have identified these in Superhero texts and have devised actions for each of them. We have also learned about ‘Super-suffixes’ which are added to the end of words to change or add to their meaning. So far we have learned about adding ‘-s’ and ‘-es’ to words to change a noun from singular to plural, and also ‘-ed’ to verbs to show when the verb is in the past tense. We will look at ‘-ing’ at the end of words too.

Next week we will be starting our new text, ‘Supertato’, and we are looking forward to our author visit from Dan Metcalf. Dan has a book out in February entitled ‘Jamie Jones – Galaxy Defender (Aged eight and a half)’, about a school boy who is secretly a galaxy defender who has to zoom off at a moment’s notice to protect the galaxy – and still be back in time for tea. It’s published by Oxford University Press as part of the Oxford Reading Tree and is part of a series for newly confident readers. We are really excited to meet a real life author and find out how we can be authors too!

We have been so busy over the last two weeks back at school! Here is a little film to give you a taste of the fun and the learning.

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