Who’s the King or Queen of the Castle?

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Have you ever tried to build a castle out of biscuits? We have!

Year 1 had a sticky morning on Tuesday, building castles together in pairs. We made icing and used this to glue the biscuits together. We built turrets and drawbridges as well as adding sweets to create the effect of windows. Now we will use what we learned to help us write instructions. We have been thinking about using time adverbials such as First, Next and Then to start each instruction and have noticed that instructions have lots of ‘bossy verbs’.

Maybe you can have a go at making a biscuit castle at home! (They were very tasty!)

Now we are looking forward to building our castles out of cardboard boxes. We have explored different ways of making turrets (cone shapes) out of a flat piece of card, and have explored how we can make a moving drawbridge. We are going to evaluate our designs once they have been made.

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