Unlock the Clock!

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The Foundation children came back to school after the Easter holidays full of beans and ready to learn! Unfortunately they were met with very unhappy teachers….. The Foundation party food had been stolen. Someone had come in and eaten ALL of the children’s party food and left the classroom in a dreadful mess!!









However the thief had left a letter and a clock telling the children if they were able to solve the problems each week, the thief would give the children a clue to who he/she was and also a shape to put into the clock. Once the clock is completed, the children will find out who the mysterious thief is and get back the stolen party food. YAY!











Each week, the children have been given a ‘Problem solving activity’ to complete and at the end of each activity; they get a clue regaridngf the character of the thief and a 3D shape to put into the clock. The first task was an orienteering exercise. The children had to run around the school grounds finding the clues and reading them out. They worked brilliantly together and were able to read each clue.

























The following week, they had to try and get over a ‘pretend’ river but using only a few stepping stones. The children had to work out a way to get over this wide river without falling in! It was fabulous watching them discuss how to accomplish this task.




























Last week, the children had a ‘stem activity’ whereby they were given cocktail sticks and sweeties (!!) and were told to build a structure strong enough to bear weight. Again the children worked together, some in pairs and others in big groups to make enormous and strong structures. They tried and tested their structures to ensure they were strong enough. They even got a sweetie at the end of it all for how well they worked together!


























Who knows what problem solving activity will be next? I’m sure the children will be up for the challenge and they will get to ‘unlock the clock soon!


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