The Inside Story of Foundation!

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The children started this term being very little, very new, and fairly nervous about school, not quite sure about what it might entail. They are now confident ‘slightly older’ little people who are active learners and drive their own challenges.










It might look like we’re playing (which we are!) but we’re doing LOTS of learning within this playful classroom. the children are picking up lots of different skills both socially but also gaining new skills and a new understanding of letter sounds and numbers.

Here are a few photos of the wonderful things that the children have been up to.

Creative design;












Physical skills; 



























Problem solving;



Manipulating materials;




















Forest Folk;

















Early Writing/Mark Making;











Exploring Patterns;














We are so proud of how far the children have come in just a term of school. We are very much looking forward to seeing what they get up to in the spring term.

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