Picture this – a day as a Victorian Child!

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Year 2 got hooked into their ‘Picture This’ theme, which explores historical and geographical changes during the industrial revolution through the pointillist painting of the Bathers at Asnieres by George Seurat and the fantastic ‘Katie and the Bathers’ story, with an exciting and memorable Victorian Day!


Everyone came into school looking the part, and then half the children were informed they had to go to school that day, and taken inside to their classroom, bowing and curtsying to their teacher on their way. Following a hand inspection and a few reminders of their lowly status and the many classroom rules, the children had a taster of the 4 Rs through drills, repetition and reading to the class. Little did they know, the other half of the year group were in the next room, a Victorian factory! It was very dark and unpleasant and they had to do boring jobs over and over, without talking or sitting down.

However, after break time, the teacher and the factory foreman realised they had made a big mistake; the wrong children had gone to school! The groups swapped over, experiencing what life was like on the other side for the Victorian children.

With those vivid, first hand experiences in mind, the children reflected in the afternoon using Bloom’s taxonomy of thinking skills to structure questions, thinking about similarities and differences and what they now understood about life as a Victorian child. Later that week, the children also recalled their exciting day to write a recount text, after learning all about the genre and the skills they would need during the preceding weeks.


What a fantastic experience was had by all!


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