Our learning this week (Autumn week 3)

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See our summary of learning below – this is at the top of the weekly homelearning each week.

English – We have continued our non-fiction text learning sequence by learning the skills we will need to write our own report on the Ancient Egyptians, including using sentence starters (like ‘In Egyptian times, …’ or ‘Beside the river Nile, …’) and conjunctions to link ideas and expand sentences (like and, but, so, if, that, although, however).

We also revisited the word types we already know – nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions – and made actions and sayings to help us remember what they are. After grouping lots of different words into their types, we found a new kind called prepositions, which show where, when or why something happened (like at, near, to in, during, before, due to, because of) – we made actions for these too! We will apply these skills when we write our reports next week. In spelling, we have been learning to add the –ation suffix to form nouns, for example in words like mummification, civilisation and excavation.

Nouns are things.

Verbs are doing, being or having words.

Adjectives describe a noun.

Adverbs describe HOW something happens.

Conjunctions link parts of sentences together.

We have been playing fun games with our sentence starter cards so we get used to using them and feel comfortable applying them in our writing.


Maths – This week is our last week of our ‘number sense’ unit of learning, where we have been developing our place value knowledge of numbers 0-1000. We have been exploring representing numbers in different ways, reading and writing numbers in words, and problem solving.

We used our knowledge to break the code! We had to write down the middle number from selections of numbers around the room, then order those numbers to create a row of 6 3-digit numbers to break the code!

We matched up cards with different representations of 3-digit numbers.

Place value counters are one way we can represent numbers.

Theme – We have continued learning about the ancient Egyptians, this week researching our chosen questions using the internet. We learnt how searching on the internet works, how to search safely, and how to find child appropriate and reliable results. We applied these new skills and our note taking skills to research our question on the iPads.

Google “How Search Works”

Science – We continued our learning on light and shadows by experimenting to understand how shadows are formed in greater depth and knowing how they change depending on the location of the light source.

Other – In PSHE with Mrs Pestridge, the children explored emotions, and understanding how people are feeling based on their expressions. The children are enjoying their weekly swimming sessions and gymnastics with Miss Betty.

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