Our Learning This Week in Year 3 (Autumn week 3)

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English – We have continued our non-fiction text learning sequence, which we will be finishing on Monday (we will be writing stories next!) This week, we planned our reports, worked together to practise writing sentences, then wrote our fantastic, informative reports about our chosen Egyptians question. Montana Smith (the time-travelling explorer we are writing them for!) will be very pleased, we’re sure!

Maths – We started our unit of learning of addition and subtraction this week, exploring adding by using what we know. For example, if we know 7+5=12 because we know our bonds to 10 (e.g. we know 5+5=10 and we know that 7 is made up of 5 and 2, so we can add 5 and 5 to make 10, then add the 2 left to make 12), then we know that 27+5 must be 32 and 327+5 must be 332. We also learnt the column method for addition and practised it to ensure we’re fluent with this new and helpful strategy. We’ll apply it to subtraction too next week. You can see our calculation policy on the website.

We used Dienes to make calculations to solve – how many ways do you think we found to create 247 from two numbers?

We used Cuisenaire to develop our understanding of how numbers can be formed from different combinations.

Theme – We finished our ancient Egyptians research and began creating our PowerPoint presentations to present what we have found out. This week, we focussed on creating slides and adding text, and next we will be change the layout and formatting, as well as adding images to help our audience understand the information.

Science – We continued our learning on light and shadows by thinking about the dangers of sunlight and how to stay protected. We explored an informative text on sun safety in guided reading, found out some interesting information through reading, and discussing videos and images, then created a poster to help others stay safe in the sun.

Other – In PSHE with Mrs Pestridge, the children have been looking at the ’10 a day’ poster, which lists 10 things we should do every day for our well-being and mental health (NB: this learning update becomes a website post each week, which includes images – a copy of the poster will be featured, if you’d like to know more). Each class then looked in depth at one of the ’10 a day’, as in a few weeks the whole school will participating in an assembly explaining each of the ’10 a day’ aims. 3B will be explaining ‘take a break’ to the school and 3M will become experts in ‘talk about your feelings’. In swimming this week, the children practised their backstroke technique and in gymnastics, they looked at travelling and jumping off benches in different shapes.

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