Our learning this week in Year 3 (Autumn week 2)

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See our summary of learning below – this is at the top of the weekly homelearning each week.

English – We have been looking at a range of non-fiction texts and identifying what features they have, and what the purpose and impact of these features is. We then applied this knowledge to look at our key text, called Who Built Pyramids? (Usborne Starting Point History), and explore which of the common features it had. In guided reading, we have been looking at non-fiction texts too, to practise skills such as asking and answering questions, making predictions and summarising.

Our letter from time-travelling explorer, Montana Smith, asking for our help in researching the ancient Egyptians in preparation for his next expedition!

Maths – We have secured our knowledge of place value, looking at 3-digit numbers (numbers 0-999). Skills we have been practising are partitioning numbers into their parts (e.g. 834 is 800+30+4 or 8 hundred, 3 tens and 4 ones), adding and subtracting 10 and 100, and representing numbers in different ways. We are learning to count in 4s and 8s as well.

We can apply our skills in problem solving and reasoning challenges.

Theme – We have continued our exciting exploration of the ancient Egyptians, looking closely at Hieroglyphs and their importance – we even drew our own name in Hieroglyphs to make a cartouche! We all came up with questions we wanted to find out about the Egyptians then chose our 3 favourites that we will research over the next few weeks. The first source of information we used to research our questions was books – we learnt how to take notes from a text and then practised this and applied it to do our research.

Science – We began our learning on light and shadows by showing what we know about this topic and exploring shadows with torches in a dark room.

Other – The children had their first gymnastics sessions with Miss Betty this week, which they all enjoyed, as well as PSHE with Mrs Pestridge where they looked at using their new Jigsaw Journals (which they can take home to decorate over the weekend and return to school on Monday), expectations for PSHE sessions, and what they are proud of.

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