Mathematics Mastery in Year 1

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Year 1  are back into the Spring term with a swing and our Maths lessons are continuing to build on the great learning we embedded last term. Now we are learning about place value and how understanding the value of each digit in a number up to 20 can help us to add and subtract. We are also using number bonds to ten to help us add and subtract. When we add two numbers such as 9 and 6, we are grouping to make ten first, and then seeing how many ones are left over. This is helping us to calculate quickly, without having to count. We have learnt that numbers in the teens have a group of ten with extra ones and we have a great song to sing to you which has been helping us!
At home, you can really help your child by finding fun ways to learn the number bonds to ten. eg, 4 +6, 7 + 3 etc. There are lots of fun games you can do to learn these, many of them are online. Try to start you off!

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