Life in Anglo-Saxon times.

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What a fantastic spring term we have had in Year 5. To begin our new theme topic, the whole year group left the comforts of the classroom and travelled back in time to the Anglo-Saxons. Transported to a replica Anglo-Saxon village, we got to experience what life was really like. We had the opportunity to mill flour for baking bread, make our own jewellery with the resident blacksmith, saw and split logs to feed the fires, dress up, chisel wood craving and much more.

The highlight for many was taking part in the swamp walk. On entering the swamp, the children even needed to break the ice! Cold and wet, we waded through the swamp and eventually emerged on the opposite side. After walking back, we were welcomed by a lovely warm bath. It was a difficult challenge but those who braved it (adults included) felt a great sense of achievement on completion.

Have a look at the photographs to get a sense of the fun we had.

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