Helping your child with phonics

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Some parents have asked for support at home with phonics and reading. Hopefully the information and web links may be useful.

It is really important that we encourage children to pronounce the sounds correctly and also that we are modelling the correct sound. One very important aspect of phonics is that although we teach the children the letter names and use these in spelling, when we are reading, we encourage children to say the sounds that letters make. Sometimes children add an extra sound to the letter sound by mistake, eg. “muh” instead of “mmm” when sounding out ‘m’. Please help your child to pronounce the sounds carefully so this mistake is not made. The video below might help you if you are unsure of the sounds that each grapheme (letter or group of letters) represents.

We  think the following websites might help if you like to use ipads/ PCs to support learning. Phonics play has some great sounds games on it and also some opportunities to practise reading tricky words. There are many free games on teh website – please do not feel you need to subscribe.  Children should know all their phase 2 and 3 sounds and words now. We are currently working on Phase 4 in class, but some children are ready for phase 5. It would be helpful for some children to revisit phases 2 & 3 at home.

Also, the free website Oxford Owls is a great way to supplement the reading of books at home. You will need to register and log in using an email and password, but then you will have access to some great Oxford Reading Tree books. You can pick books for the colour band which your child is currently working on. There are also activities for most books.

Please encourage your child to read every night and don’t forget to colour in a dot on the Dr Seuss Book Tracker sheets for every book they read at home so that they get their certificates!

We have a library time every Monday afternoon, but you can change the books after school or in the morning before registration on the days when Mrs Horrill is in.

Happy reading!

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