Foundation Nightwalk!

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During this half of the Autumn term, the Foundation children have turned into Scientists!

They have been doing experiments each week and predicting what will happen and being very excited when their predictions come true!

As part of our topic ‘Look at the State of us’ the children have been finding out about Dark and Light. So we decided that we would come to school when it was dark and go on a night walk around our forest and Mr Clark’s Garden.

The children congregated by the swimming pool with their parents with their hats, scarfs on, and most importantly carrying their torches! Then they went off in groups and walked through the forest looking at the trees in the dark. Ten pumpkins had been hidden in the forest for the children to find. They were very good at this!

We then walked through our apple orchard and looked at how different it all looked. We listened to how quiet it was.

At last we all sat round the campfire and drank some delicious hot chocolate and sang some songs. The children even showed the parents their performance of a firework poem. It was marvellous!

The children and grown-ups loved the night walk and we look forward to completing more experiments as scientists!

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