Foundation Farmers!

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Foundation Trip to Pennywell Farm

The Swifts and Swallows had a wonderful day at Pennywell Farm! The day started out with lots of rain but it soon dried up and the children were able to have a special ride on a trailer, pulled along by a big tractor! They spotted all of the animals hiding in the bushes along the way too!









In the cuddle corner, the children were joined by lots of furry friends; guinea pigs, rabbits, piglets, ducklings, mice and even a hedgehog- although he wasn’t quite so cuddly!























The children went hunting for eggs in the chicken coop. They had to throw food into the pens to entice the chickens away from their laying boxes so that they could collect the eggs. One chicken had only just laid an egg and the children were able to carefully pass it around to feel how warm it was!
























We fed some deer and saw an alpaca do a special trick to get her food too! The children helped to mix up some milk for the lambs before bottle-feeding them. They were very greedy and we had to hold the bottles REALLY tight! Then it was time for us to have some food too (and a bounce on the bouncy-castles in the play barn!) In school the children had been completing a writing challenge to make a list of what they thought Mr Clark would have in his lunch box on the trip! Mr Clark showed the children to see if they had guessed correctly- sadly there was no ice-cream or birthday cake as the children had suggested!





































In the afternoon the children (and the grown ups) cuddled some piglets, and then had a go at milking a goat!
















The staff at the Farm were very helpful and friendly, and commented that the children were very good! What a super way to end a busy term!

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