Developing our golf skills!

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Alfie, Seb and Kahlen have taken on the challenge of writing our class blog this week and they have chosen to tell you all about our day at the golf. We hope you enjoy reading their account of an exciting day!

Golf at St Luke’s

On Friday 28th April we were lucky enough to visit St Luke’s golf multi skills festival; we were all so excited .In addition we travelled on a double decker coach, we were ready in our PE kits to participate. While traveling we talked about the golf at St Luke’s and other random things.

When we arrived at St Luke’s, we were sorted into 3 groups of 10 but one group had 11.While we were waiting, more schools arrived and sat down. It took a while for the other schools to arrive but they came in the end. When all the schools arrived, the event organiser came over with some young leaders and sat them in front of our groups. Then we started off with our first activity.

Everyone started at a different activity, also there were rest stations for us to rest. Meanwhile, going through the activity we had a clipboard to keep our scores organised (even though it was challenging). We enjoyed a range of challenging activities such as: lifting the ball off the ground and aiming for a raised target; carefully driving the ball in a straight line through white cones and precisely targeting the ball to achieve a high score of ten.

As a result of a hard morning’s work, the results were announced. As 3rd and 2nd were announced, the tension began to build and to our surprise Alphington 3 came 1st out of all the groups. It was the perfect ending to a morning of new and exciting experiences!

By Alfie, Kahlen and Seb

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