Beach Day!

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The Foundation children came back after half term and started their new topic of ‘Under the Sea’.

The first week was about asking questions about what things lived under the sea, were they real or fictional? We also decided on aspects of this topic that the children were interested in finding out about.

The second week we started the week off with our Beach Day!
The children had to come dressed in their beach/holiday wear and then they had a full day of different activities and challenges that revolved around things on a beach, near a beach or something to do with water!!

They started off with going on an under the sea adventure on our ready made submarine,. We managed to submerge the submarine to incredible depths and the children were able to tell Mrs Fletcher what they saw so deep in the sea.
Mrs Fletcher was so impressed by their role play and their wonderful imaginations mixed in with knowledge of sea creatures. They then had some tasty salty snacks on penguin island!









The second challenge was that of making a paper chain octopus, but unfortunately the octopuses tentacles could only be made in rings of 2! Great counting and making went on for this challenge.









The Third Challenge was a tasting challenge: make a fruit kebab! The foundation children looked at the different fruit available and they discussed what it looked like, felt like and then they had a go at cutting it up into small pieces to be put on their kebab. Most children were very brave and had a go at tasting the different fruit.







The Final challenge was the mermaid collage! We drew an enormous mermaid and Ocean King and the children had to use the different resources to decorate and cover these two characters. They looked brilliant.














Overall it was a brilliant day and all of the children were involved and focused on their different tasks. They loved each part and got stuck in.

Look out for further brilliant work on this topic! 

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