Arts around the World!

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The Foundation children have been focusing on Expressive Art and Design and Understanding of the World this half term. Each week, the children have been introduced to a new country and we have found out some interesting facts about it. They all know that Russia is the BIGGEST country in the world!

We have been helping the children to think about questions that they would like to ask about a country, the people who live there, the language they speak, the houses they live and we have taught the children how we find out the answers.








As well as looking at a new country each week, the children are also introduced to a new artist. This artist is associated with the country that we are focusing on.

So far, we can have looked at Russia and the artist Kandinsky, Great Britain and the artist Damian Hurst, Germany and the artist Anselm Kiefer and India and their wonderful Rangoli patterns.

The artwork that the children have produced from these WOW art moments has been fantastic and of a very high level.



As part of our Communication, Language and literacy focus, we have been finding out about some traditional tales.

 Again we have tried to link these to the country that we are focusing on that week. The children have all enjoyed being able to retell the story of The Little Red Hen! 







The children remain incredibly focused and interested in their learning. We look forward to more explorations around the world in the coming weeks! 

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