Apple Day Fun!

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At the beginning of term, the Foundation children were able to utilise Alphington Primary’s magnificent orchards and enjoy a wonderful apple Day. 

The children enjoyed a range of activities during the day ranging from Mr Clark and his apple press to making delicious apple cakes!













The children went out to the orchard, collected the apples and then they watched and had a go at using the apple press to make yummy apple juice which they all tried and loved!














The children showed great skill with numbers and apples when they placed accurately the correct number of apples on each number tile. 












They used a different range of resources to create their own apple tree painting.  





































They had super fun outside in the horseshoe when they used the apples to roll down our tubes and text out their different routes. 
















Mrs Perrott showed the children a range of apples and the children were able to tell her after testing which type of apple they preferred and why. Great speaking and listening everyone!




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