3M: Lego City Animations

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After our Geography learning about different types of land use and settlement, we applied our understanding to design, make and evaluate a Lego City. We included many of the functions of a city, including a cathedral, a university and of course, shops! We then used the Stop Motion app on the iPads to make a Lego City.

Our Evaluation

What went well?

  1. We kept editing our animations to make sure there were no hands in the pictures.
  2. We moved our lego characters in small steps so it looked like they were really walking.

Next time we will…

  1. Try not to move the camera so the video doesn’t look wobbly.
  2. Try not to get our hands and bodies in the way!
  3. Make sure the lego building does not move at all!
  4. Make sure you don’t argue in your group. You can do this by making compromises with other people.

Take a look at our fantastic videos!

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