10 a day!

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I’m sure you have heard about 5-a-day, the campaign to encourage us to eat more fruit and vegetables in order to be physically healthy, but have you heard of 10-a-day? This gives us 10 priorities we should include in our lives every day to help us stay emotionally and mentally healthy. ┬áThis term in our PSHE lessons we have been studying these and working out what they might look like in our lives. This Friday we had a whole school sharing assembly where every pupil in the school had taken part in an ‘in-depth’ look at a particular area. It was a wonderful way to help us embed these principles in our school. Pupils shared songs, photos, art and presentations. Here are some of the videos pupils have created.

Year 6: Asking for Help


Year 3 – Taking a break

Year 5 – Caring for Others

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