Year Four Theme work

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This term we have linked our Theme work to art. We have ‘visited’ places across the world, learnt about an aspect of each place and created art inspired by the place. We have worked in as many different artistic media as possible.

img_1287 We used collage to recreate Mount Everest.
img_1288 We studied Sherpas and wrote a diary for Long Dorje.
img_1290 We used the book ‘A walk in New York’ to study the buildings there.
img_1289 To achieve a good drawing of The Empire State Building we learnt how to draw in 3 dimensions.
img_1293 The Amazon Rainforest is an unmissable destination and was the context for our Literacy as well as theme.
img_1292 These parrots were painted in poster paint. The colours are unique, mixed individually!


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