Year 3: Maths to help The RSPB

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Year 3 have been using their addition and subtraction skills to help The RSPB amend their bird data.

When numbers of small birds increased or decreased, the children were able to mentally add or subtract 1s, 10s and 100s to 3 digit numbers. They needed to interpret RSPB bar charts in order to do this though!


They learnt to lay out calculations using expanded column addition and subtraction. They could then use their understanding of the inverse to check answers.

img_2081 img_2083

They also learnt to calculate the perimeter of bird sanctuary areas (2D shapes) and practised measuring accurately in cm using a ruler. They could also convert between cm and mm by multiplying by 10!

img_2084 img_2082

Along the way, they made some ‘Holy Moly Great Mistakes’! Can you work them out?

img_0423 img_0389

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