Year 3: Lego Animations

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Geography: Land Use and Settlements

In Geography, Year 3 have been finding out about the new Alphington Housing Development. We have learnt about the features of villages, towns and cities and have also learnt about why people live in these places. We applied our understanding of the features of a village to help plan our Lego Animations.

We also were able to ask question of (our teachers hot seating, pretending to be…) a Bovis Homes representative and a local resident. We heard different points of view about the pros and cons of the new housing development. At the end of our Geography learning, we held a debate: Should the Alphington Housing Development go ahead?

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English: ‘A Walk In London’ by Salvatore Rubbino 

In English, Year 3 have been learning to use prepositions to add details about time and place. We have also been grouping similar information into paragraphs in non-fiction writing. We used ‘A Walk in London‘ as a scaffold to allow us to write our ‘Lego Animation’ information texts. Some of us were challenged to write a narrative to accompany our non-fiction pieces. Our writing is up on display in the Year 3 corridor – stop by and take a peek!

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Here is an extract from Marley’s information text:


If you come to our village, you have to have a good look at our garage. You can get shiny cars which are very fast. Also this garage was built in 1076 by John Jones and he was inspired by his friend building one. If your car is broken and you don’t want the trouble of fixing it, every month our garage gives away a free car!

Here is an extract from Evie HT’s narrative to go with her information text:


“Where are we going?” I asked. My name is Elisabeth and I’m with my Gran.

“Where do you always go on Sunday?” replied Gran.

“Errr, the church.”

“Correct,” said Gran excitedly, much like a person on Quizmaster. 

Computing: Lego Animation

In Computing, Year 3 have been using Stop Motion on the iPads to create animations. First we planned our Lego Village as a group, sharing ideas about the different features of a village. Then we worked in smaller groups to design features like Village Shops and Schools. We then drew a storyboard, made our features out of lego and were let loose with the iPads. It was great fun! On reflection, next time we would communicate better in a group to make sure no arms/bodies are in the shots!

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Here are our Lego Animations… enjoy!






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