We love reading in Year One!

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Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend the curriculum meeting.  We discussed how important reading for ten minutes a day at home is, and how this has a significant impact on success educationally long after the early years.  Home learning in Year One will be for children to read at home with an adult for at least 10 minutes a day. Usually this will be the colour band book relevant to your child’s current reading attainment, but can also be a library book or a text that your child enjoys.  Year One is an important year  for the acquisition of phonic skills and therefore we have posted a link below which demonstrates the correct articulation of the graphemes (individual letters and groups of letters) that make up the English language.


Reading for pleasure is also a very important part of  our Year One curriculum. Sharing and discussing books is an incredibly important part of children’s learning. Taking time to share books, enjoy stories and marvel at the wonders that non-fiction books  show us is an important part of our day and we hope that for ten minutes of your day at home, this will be a magical time for you and your child. If reading at home is a problem, or if things are tricky in anyway, come in and have a chat – we may have some ideas that can help!



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