Watch out! There’s a dragon about!

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If you find any eggs around the school, make sure you give them to the Year 1 children who have been chosen by a friendly dragon to look after her eggs while she sleeps in the Key Stage 1 shed. Dribble the dragon has been sending letters and the children have found out that really dragons are very friendly – and luckily they DON’T eat people! Ask the children what they do eat – you might be surprised!

Now we know all about dragons from Dribble’s letters, we are in the process of making books about dragons. We know all about information texts after reading a book about Knights. We hope you will enjoy reading them – we are working hard on writing sentences that make sense and are correctly punctuated.

We have also enjoyed making baby dragons with craft materials and using collage materials to decorate the front covers of our books.


Sir Alexander helped us hunt for dragon eggs!


We handled the precious eggs carefully.


We even spotted a dragon footprint!


We have enjoyed writing to Dribble the dragon.

Our role play castle area has been a fun place to play – we love?being dragons, knights, princesses and queens. Soon we will be looking forward to writing dragon stories…DSC00627 DSC00628 DSC00629 DSC00630 DSC00631 DSC00633 DSC00636 DSC00638 DSC00639 DSC00640 DSC00641 DSC00644 DSC00647 DSC00648 DSC00650 DSC00626

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