Not so happy feet in year 2 last half term!

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We had a fantastic first half term in year 2!  Our theme for the Autumn term is ‘Not So Happy Feet’, a topic where we are thinking about penguins, their habitats and climate change across our learning.

We started the term with an exciting trip to Living Coasts in Torquay, where we learnt about penguins and their habitats and saw lots of amazing ocean animals, like seals and different types of penguins.


Mmm lunch after the seal show.


Huddling together to keep warm like penguins!


We watched these cheeky seals being fed!


We saw so many interesting things!


It was a lovely day by the sea.


There was lots to see!

In English we focussed on non-fiction writing, particularly on the use of questions and answers.  We used our knowledge of the book ‘Could a Penguin Ride a Bike?’ as a stimulus and made a class book of questions and answers about animals we researched for our home learning.  Come and read them!  Next, we did a teaching sequence based on a narrative called ‘Penguin’ and enjoyed using drama strategies to immerse ourselves in the story (have a look at the photos below).





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In our spelling sessions we focused on strategies to learn spellings, such as ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ and triangle writing, and strategies we can use at the point of writing, like ‘soundtalking’ words then writing all the phonemes using the correct graphemes and using our learning walls to help us – lots of us are going to the Common Exception Word sheet on the wall in our rooms to check our spellings; this makes us independent learners and makes our teachers really happy!  We really enjoyed learning about homophones, like blue/blew and see/sea, and thinking of ways to remember which spelling is which!

We worked really hard on our handwriting and it has really paid off – our writing is now much clearer, which means people can read our writing.  We think really carefully about starting each letter sitting on the line and making sure are letters are the correct size – we can use a handwriting mat and other tools in our environment if we’re not sure.  Some people have proven they can form all their letters carefully, and now are joining their writing!


Some super handwriting!




And after!




…and after!




…and after!


Some more super handwriting!

Reading is great fun and really important, so each week we have been reading together, with different types of texts as a focus, and discussing questions and our opinions.  We regularly share fantastic stories, poems and non-fiction books together as a class and read regularly at home and school, recording our reading in our new learning link books.

During our maths lessons we are currently learning to know the different ways we can make numbers.  We call these ‘number bonds’.  We are finding it helpful to use a ‘Part-Part-Whole’ model.  For example, one part of 7 and one part of 8 make a whole of 15.  We have been working hard on our number skills this term, such as counting on and back in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.  Miss Bedford taught us about the ‘Greedy Gobbler’ who eats bigger numbers and we find this useful when we are comparing numbers.

So far we have practised our geography and our history skills.  We have learnt fun songs to help us to remember the continents and oceans of the world.  During History we looked at why some penguins are losing their homes and tackled the really important issue of global warming.  We gained a basic understanding of greenhouse gases and their causes.  Finally we used our fantastic philosophy skills to discuss the tricky question ‘who is responsible for global warming: people from the past or people from the present?’  Our teachers were impressed with our ability to listen to each other, agree and disagree with respect and build on other people’s ideas.

A screenshot of one of our weather forecast films!

Putting thumbs up to share in philosophy



All in all, a fantastic first half term in year 2!

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