Memories Morning in Year 1

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What a wonderful morning! Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to come into school and allow us to interview you about your childhoods! The children really enjoyed using the iPads to film their interviews and the adults had some fascinating stories to tell. The children had thought of some great questions to ask as part of their English learning. Watch out for some movies of the interviews, coming soon!

We also enjoyed looking carefully at the baby photos and trying to work out who they belonged to. We had to reason carefully to use the clues – some of the black and white photographs were pictures of teachers when they were babies! It helped us to see how we have changed since we were babies too.

Handling and sorting toys was another fun activity. Thank you to the adults who brought in toys from their own childhoods. It was tricky to decide if toys were old or modern because some toys that were played with in the past are still popular today. This discussion linked with our previous learning on materials too, as we noticed the older yo-yos were wooden and the more modern ones are often plastic.

We tried to think like historians when we had to solve the mystery of who owned the bag that had been found in the school by Mr Powell, the caretaker. We found out about their job, what they liked and what clothes they wore by looking at their belongings. (just like historians do when they investigate life in the past by looking at artefacts). We worked out the bag belonged to Mrs Thornhill, and some of the items that gave it away were a book about Wales, some beautiful jewellery and of course, her deputy head stickers!

Thank you to Jonny’s Grandad who had brought in his ration book, photographs and his teddy from when he was a little boy. He spoke to all the children about his life in Birmingham when he was very little and it was WW2. It was interesting to hear about how he had to hide with his parents (and teddy) in the shelter.

Here are some of the photographs from the day.

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