Maths Mastery in Year 1

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As you may know, we are very excited to be pioneering the Maths Mastery approach at Alphington School, along with the Foundation classes. This involves a six part lesson which is very interactive and full of practical, exciting activities. These lessons focus on number sense, place value and problem solving. Maths Mastery also includes a daily 15 minutes maths meeting, which rehearses areas of maths such as time and shape.

None of the individual aspects of the Mathematics Mastery programme is ‘new’. They are tried and tested successful approaches that the best teachers, departments and schools have been using for years. However, what is special about Mathematics Mastery is that it brings these approaches and techniques together in a rigorous and systematic structure.

The Mathematics Mastery curriculum has been developed to ensure every child can achieve  excellence in mathematics. It provides pupils with a deep understanding of the subject through a concrete, pictorial and abstract      approach. This ensures pupils fully understand what they are learning.

Key features of our Maths Mastery  curriculum:

  • High expectations for every child
  • Fewer topics, greater depth
  • Number sense and place value come first
  • Research -based curriculum
  • Objects and pictures always before numbers and letters
  • Problem solving is central
  • Calculate with confidence– understand why it works

For the first week of the Autumn term in Year One, we have established good learning behaviours in Maths.  The children have been learning maths songs which help us to transition quickly from the carpet to the tables and back again. We have revised our 2D shapes and enjoyed exploring patterns. We have also been practising telling the time to the hour in our daily maths meetings as well as working out the date and day of the week.  Can your child sing you the days of the week song?

For more information please come to the parent information meeting on 20th September!



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