Land of Make Believe day

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The children had such a great day on Thursday 11th February celebrating our topic ‘Land of Make Believe’. We did this by inviting all children (and staff!) to dress up as a mythical character or someone from a story that they have enjoyed.

feb 11th c 040

They all looked amazing! One of the loveliest points was how much the children enjoyed each other’s costumes and complimented them on their choice.  11th feb a 026





feb 11th c 026


The day was full of activities, all of which were rotated over the day to ensure each child got a chance of each activity. The first activity was clay sculptures with the ‘woodcutter’ Mr Clark where they had to make a model of a mythical character using tools and their fingers,

11th feb b 016

11th feb b 020









they then went on to making a ‘mini me’ puppet with Princess Reed where they had to use the fabric, card and paper to create bodies to go under mini photos of themselves.

feb 11th c 049


feb 11th c 048







After playtime they began cooking Dragon Biscuits with the scary sorceress Fletcher where they had to read through the instructions, mix all the ingredients together to make the biscuits.

11th feb b 050


11th feb b 046








After lunch the children did some potion making with the magical Ms Murfin! They had to follow the recipe to make sure their potion was the most deadly one!

11th feb b 036

11th feb b 023







11th feb b 014

Finally after everything was cleared away, the children got to sit down and enjoy the dragon biscuits that they had made earlier. ‘They were yummy!’

11th feb a 038


feb 11th c 052







We had lots of visitors in the day and they all commented on how busy and how much fun the children were obviously having while taking part in these activities. We hope to have many more productive days like this one in the next half term!

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