Helpful links for maths mastery in year 1

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Many thanks to those who were able to attend the parent information evening on maths mastery. It was great to be able to share our excitement about this engaging and successful way of teaching maths. Some parents asked about resources that they could use to support children at home. We discussed the introduction of the ten frame in class, and how we have been learning to play games with the ten frame. You may wish to try this at home. The ten frames can be downloaded from the Nrich website.

The Mathematics Mastery website has also got useful information for parents.

Practising telling the time, using money and knowing coin values, talking about shapes in the environment and doing plenty of counting is also important.  We are working hard on using correct mathematical terminology such as vertices (corners of 2D shapes), more/fewer, greater and less. Encouraging your children to use these words correctly and speak in complete sentences will also support our work in class. Recently we have been finding one more and one fewer for numbers up to ten. This is a skill you could practise at home. Counting forwards and backwards from 1-20 would also be helpful.

There are some useful ideas for fun games you could play here:

Please do come in and ask if you would like further information.

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