Explorer Bear boldly goes where no bear has gone before!

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Did you know that Year 1 have two Explorer Bears? They love to go on expeditions, especially to sleepovers with the children. You may find that one of them comes to stay at your house one day! It comes with its own book for you to record all the adventures hit has while staying with you! We took our explorer bears on an exciting expedition around the school, armed with maps so that we didn’t get lost.Before we went, we packed our rucksack, thinking of important items an explorer might need, such as binoculars, coats, cameras and a drink. We even had to replan our route half way when the builders were unexpectedly blocking the hallway! But all good explorers are able to find alternative routes and we used the map to find a different way to the great outdoors. During our Explorer unit, we will learn about famous explorers from the past, such as Captain Scott and Columbus, as well as more modern explorers. We will learn about the different places in the world that explorers have discovered and will think more about our own part of the world and how it compares to other places. Have a look at the map in the area outside the classrooms – can you see where Explorer Bear is today? We hope you enjoy looking at some of the pictures of our expedition and look forward to when Explorer Bear comes to visit you!

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