E-Safety Week at Alphington

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Our school’s E-safety week took place the week before half term. During these 5 days, each class spent time daily learning about E-safety.

E-safety in KS1

In KS1, children learnt about the importance of being SAFE, STRONG and FREE whilst using the internet. Through ‘Hector’s World’, they learnt that it is important that an adult knows when you are using the computer for the internet. If you come across something that you don’t like, tell an adult straight away. Everyone has the right to be SAFE, STRONG and FREE all of the time.


E-safety in KS2

In KS2, children explored the importance of keeping personal information secure whilst using the internet for popular things like Minecraft and Club Penguin. They also learnt how to use instant messaging and emails safely and discussed the idea that not all websites can be trustworthy. Before you venture onto the internet, remember to STOP, THINK then GO!

The Digital Leaders spent the week capturing all of this fantastic learning and gave their first whole school assembly. They did a great job and presented all of their hard work brilliantly. Take a sneak peak at what they, and the whole school, achieved:

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