Ahoy there, me hearties!

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Year 1 had a very exciting day last Thursday when a surprise visit from Captain Jolly Roger led to a treasure hunt in Pearl’s Land! He told us his sad story of how he had come to Alphington in the dead of night to borrow the front of the school to disguise his ship, just like the night pirates did in the story we have been reading. That pesky scaffolding got in his way however, and as he slept, some naughty pirates ripped up his treasure map and hid the pieces in Pearl’s Land! Luckily, they left 6 clues for each hidden piece. The Year 1’s were all happy to help, especially as we were all dressed for the part! We worked together in 6 pirate teams to read each clue and find the missing pieces. When we pieced it together, we found out that the treasure chest was hidden in the bottle greenhouse! Captain Jolly Roger was so happy to find his lost treasure that he shared his chocolate coins with the year 1 Pirates. Delicious! The rest of the day was spent enjoying our pirate ship roleplay, digging for treasure and playing pirate memory games. We even taught Beebot how to find his way to the treasure. Great teamwork, Year 1 and a fabulous, fun start to the term!

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