Year 6 Dartmoor Trip

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Here are some of our recounts of our outing this week:

Hello children, parents and all readers. Welcome to our year 6 experience at Haytor.

At school we grabbed our bags and raced to the bus bursting with joy… UNTIL… a one hour drive.

At Dartmoor we jumped off the bus, hopped into our groups, and found out about six figure grid references and basic compass skills such as navigation, pacing and locating. Afterwards we paced all the way to a quarry where we had a snack and learned more about a compass and mapping skills. We then travelled on and saw a white belted Galloway [a cow with a white line in the middle]. Next we found ‘Thorn Land’ as I like to call it, in other words HELL… Every step we had to dodge the thistles as they tried to attack us.

As soon as we passed Thorn Land [definitely not as good as Legoland] we found our lunch spot – sheep rocks! Afterwards we found this box, which had a notebook and stamp where you write in what, you are doing in Haytor and when you are writing.

On our way down from the tors we saw a pony, hopped back on the bus and we were on our merry way. What an eventful day!

By Chris Edwards

On the 9th of September 2015 year 6 decided to go on a trip to Haytor in Dartmoor.

First of all we were split into three groups of twenty, with each group bring assigned a guide (my groups was called Terry). She was really nice and helpful. We said our final goodbyes to the over groups and headed off to our first stop. We were going to a quarry. We worked our way through mud, rock, extremely sticky bog oh and cow pat!

After all that we came to a clearing. THE COWS!!! That’s right we had to walk through a herd of cows. This was very fun but very stinky. We had to be super duper quite and couldn’t make any sudden movements. After we got through all of that we were there at the quarry.

It was sensational. Inside there were three big ponds. In those ponds there was; fish, tadpoles, frogs, lily pads and even a tool in one of them. Nobody knew exactly what it was but some people thought it was part of the old crane from when the quarry was active. Being honest I had no clue on what it was. But not even the teachers knew. Then we were given the great news of being allowed to take off our bags. Here we were taught how to use a map. We were given places on the map that we had to find using the grid.

By Frankie Dunbabin

On Wednesday 9th of September 2015 we went to Dartmoor. I was really exited since I had not been there for ages.

When we got there we met our ranger, Willam, who showed us a map of Dartmoor and where we were going to go. As we started to walk he stopped us and said Louisa and I were the map-readers and that we had to lead every one to the quarry.

Because Flo and Jago had the right footwear on they got to go in the bog. They were so lucky because it looked so much fun. In the middle of the bog there was a light green patch and if you stepped on it , it was like a water bed. After Flo and Jago came out of the bog, Willam showed us two plants, Gorse and Heather. We carried on walking to the quarry.

Once we were at the quarry, he showed us a part of a crane that they use to use to lift big rocks. After that we carried on walking. We came to a little stone track. Willam said that it was a track for a cart that a group for 8 horses would pull. Then we slowly scrambled down a hill.

By Sunita Ross

On Wednesday the 9th of September Year 6 decided to go on a trip to Dartmoor to learn about map reading. I was a bit worried to go because I wasn’t very good at map reading but I was very excited anyway.

As soon as we got off the coach we were split into three groups one with Mrs Strangfaulds another with Mrs Patterson and the last one with Mrs Pestridge, which I was in. There was also a Dartmoor Ranger with each group, the ranger in my group was called Terry.

Our first destination was the quarry and we had to go past cows, that Emily was petrified of! Once we got there Terry showed us a map and how to find where we were. After that we were split into three groups within our group then we were set a challenge to draw a map of the quarry and while most of us went off exploring, to find things to put on the map, Lauren drew the map with a key. While we were having a snack they announced the winner of who drew the best map and a team called Rainbow Dash won.

Struggling over the fence we stumbled up the hill to a load of rocks where we had our lunch, but most of us were more interested in climbing and jumping off them again! After lunch we did a lot more jumping off the rocks.

After a few minutes of jumping off the rocks Terry told Kayleigh and Bonny to navigate and they made their own path down through the ferns but the way they went was covered in hole and stones that were very easy to trip over. Finally we got to the bottom!

As we walked along the fields we saw wild ponies right next to the car park but because we were the last group (as always) to get back, we couldn’t go and see them, as the coach needed to leave.

On the coach home, Lauren fell asleep because she was so tired. Emily almost did as well, in fact I think everyone was very tired.

By Emma Carnell

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