Year 2: Goodnight, Sleep Tight!

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Year 2 have enjoyed a fun start to the year with their bedtime theme. We loved our pyjama day – we even had hot chocolate and a bedtime story!

The children have been receiving lots of letters from Little Bear who has needed them to write instructions teaching him how to do different things. Soon you will see the outcomes of this teaching sequence on the writing wall in the Year 2 cloakroom. We have been learning about using imperative verbs which are ‘bossy’ and also adverbs, as well as learning how to lay instructions out correctly.

In ICt, we have been helping Little Bear navigate his bedroom, writing more instructions that will help him follow a safe route.  See some of our early ICT learning below, where we showed what we knew already and had some fun ‘debugging’ or correcting our instructions.

Our beds and quilts are coming along nicely – hopefully Little Bear will enjoy sleeping in all the beds we have made for him! Designing and making the beds was great fun. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who have sent in boxes and sewing resources, and also to all of you who have helped in class!

In our geography learning, we have learned the continents and oceans of the world.  Have you heard our continents song? We have also learned the countries and capital cities of the UK. Watch our weather forecasts here!

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