Two exciting mini themes in Year 2!

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Year 2 have had a very busy time so far this term, with two mini themes. Our first theme had a history focus and started with mysterious items strewn around the classrooms and a letter from a medieval knight lost in time! Sir Laughalot had a celebration coming up and no one to celebrate it with. Of course, Year 2 and their great research skills were able to find out how a medieval knight would have celebrated,  and enjoyed learning about the clothes, entertainment and foods of the Middle Ages.  We learnt a medieval dance, tasted medieval foods (we weren’t too keen on the gruel and even the gingerbread was a little challenging!) and researched how people had different roles within a castle. We even made medieval tapestries! Our mini theme culminated with a grand feast and we were very excited when both Sir Laughalot, Mrs Buckingham and Mr Guy were honoured guests.  The staff were peasants and had to wait upon the wealthy children. Naughty Peasant Roderick stole some gingerbread and was put in the stocks, much to the joy of the Lords and Ladies. The children developed research skills during this theme and wrote non-fiction reports on life in medieval times.

Our current theme is called ‘What will I become?’ and has a geography and science focus.  We read the book ‘One Tiny Turtle’ and learnt about the life cycle of the Loggerhead Turtle. We developed our geographical awareness by finding out where it nests in Florida and locating key places on a map. In science, we have learnt about other life cycles and soon we hope to watch the magical life cycle of the butterfly for real when we hatch them in class. This exciting learning will give us inspiration to write riddles about what might hatch from an egg later in the term.IMG_0777 IMG_0785 IMG_0782 IMG_0783 IMG_0775 IMG_0773 IMG_0776 IMG_0774 IMG_0757[1] IMG_0925[1]

We are so proud of the children’s progress so far this term.  Looking back at writing from the Autumn Term, we can see a huge amount of progress. Well done Year 2!

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